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Shipping to Australia | Shipping furniture Australia

Need Help and advice on Shipping your furniture to Australia?

Moving to Australia and want to move your personal effects shipped along with the contents of your house you should firstly contact Hunts International Removals C/O Removals to and trust them to handle every aspect of shipping to Australia.
Shipping to Australia
The first step will be to book an appointment with our experienced international Coordinator to visit you, your home and contents.
During the appointment with our estimator you will be able to discuss and view all your items Shipping to Australia, along with all the Australian customs do’s and dont’s and duties.
The Estimator from this visit will be able to work out the volume of furniture and what personal effects shipping to Australia, your access outside your property for a large vehicle, whether certain items need dismantling or require specialist packing.
When it comes to the overall price of shipping your furniture to Australia many factors come into the cost, the main one being the volume of effects you have.
The volume of personal effects is vital when using shipping containers as there are 3 services to consider depending on your circumstances.
1. Sole Use Container The shipping container to Australia can be loaded at your premises, subject to access, sealed in your presence and pre booked onto a vessel so offering greater control of how and when your goods arrive at destination.
2. Part Shipping Container to Australia - This service usually offers a considerable cost saving, but it will take longer for your possessions to arrive.
3. Less Than Container - This service involves placing your goods into a protective wooden case and then into a container which, once shipped, is distributed, in the wooden case.

There are 3 common container sizes with-in the removal industry for Shipping to Australia:

20ft length 8.5ft height  - holds 1000 to 1170 cubic feet of furniture
40ft length 8.5ft height – holds 2100 to 2390 cubic feet of furniture
20ft length HIGH CUBE 9.5ft height – 1200-1400 cubic feet of furniture.



free_export_packing to Australia
There are 2 options for packing your smaller items into boxes:-
Fragiles Packing – This is where our packers will wrap and pack all your glassware, ornaments and mirrors, you do the rest
Full Pack - This is where our packers will come in and pack everything!
We would highly recommend any of these services. Our team of professional BAR Trained Packers will ensure everything is packed correctly for transit and you will be insured for every single item in the boxes packed by our team.
Please ring our office for further information and advice on moving personal effects to Australia Tel: 0800 387 280 or contact us via email on
or you can fill out our on-line estimation form for a price on your Shipping to Australia